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FAG bearing seal solution
Feb 07, 2018

The good performance and service life of roller FAG bearings rely largely on the exclusion of foreign substances outside the inner surface of FAG bearings. Grease and lubricants have a dual purpose - to lubricate the surfaces of FAG bearings and protect them from erosion. Therefore, the seal must prevent dust, sand and moisture into the FAG bearings, at the same time it also prevents the grease and lubricating oil leakage.

Self-aligning properties

FAG bearings for all FAG bearings to provide a variety of choice, in addition to hanging bearing. FAG bearings in a FAG bearing box, and by the support to support. FAG bearing housing has a spherical outer surface, which fits into a corresponding spherical bearing (such as a standard FAG bearing or flange FAG bearing), the principle and the joint is similar.

When the shaft is eccentric, the FAG bearing housing, seal, and FAG bearings move with the shaft to keep the seal axially parallel to the shaft. Standard FAG housings and flanged FAG housings are designed to allow an eccentricity of up to +/- 2.5 ° between the shaft and the FAG housings to be centering unchanged or slowly varying without damaging the seal.

Compared to double-row spherical roller FAG bearings with ordinary FAG bearing this eccentric situation, if the FAG bearing is not accurately calibrated with the shaft, the seal and shaft seal at one end will tend to failure, while the other One end of the seal will be more squeezed. The worst case is to create cracks, damage to the seal, or seals and shaft adhesion. Although only the felt seals are shown, similar conditions can occur with labyrinths or lip seals.

Seal type

FAG bearing box shaft diameter of 300mm / 12 "or 300mm / 12" when the following commonly used ordinary felt seal. Felt ring groove is also suitable for high temperature seals, lip seals or appropriate boring cover.

A tri-layer labyrinth seal is often used as an alternative, an accurate, non-rubber seal that can accommodate high speeds. Due to the self-aligning properties described above, extreme tight tolerances can be maintained between the seal and the support. The result is that this effective seal becomes one of the best seals in the Friction FAG bearing industry.

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