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How to install the bearings correctly
Feb 07, 2018

Whether the installation of the bearing is correct or not affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the installation of the bearings. It is hoped that the installation should be carried out according to the operating standard. The work standard is usually as follows:

(1) cleaning bearing and bearing parts

(2) check the size and finishing of the connected components

(3), installation

(4) inspection after installation of bearings

(5) supply lubricants

It is hoped that the packing will be opened before the installation of the bearing. The general lubricating grease is lubricated and not cleaned, and the grease is filled directly.  Lubricating oil is lubricated, and it is not necessary to clean, but the instrument or high speed bearing, etc., should be cleaned with clean oil, and the antirust agent on the bearing is removed. The bearing of the antirust agent is removed, and it is easy to rust, so it can not be ignored. Furthermore, have grease sealed bearings, not directly use cleaning.

The installation method of bearing is different because of the bearing structure, coordination and conditions. Generally, because of the rotation of the shaft, the inner ring needs interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearing, multiple press press, or multi - use hot charging method. Tapered bore, directly installed in the taper shaft, or sleeve installation.

When the shell is installed to the shell, the general clearance fits more, the outer ring has the excess amount, usually pressed into the press, or the cold shrink fit method after the cooling is installed. The water in the air will be condensed on the surface of the bearing with the dry ice as the coolant, the cold shrinkage and the installation. Therefore, appropriate measures for rust prevention are needed.

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