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Materials And Tricks For Cleaning FAG Bearings
Feb 07, 2018

The most concise and convenient material for cleaning FAG bearings is the first choice of gasoline, and the normal type of gasoline in the gas station. When the purchase of gasoline is inconvenient, it can also go to the drugstore to buy more than 95 degrees of medical alcohol instead. After cleaning, a little oil is applied to prevent oxidation and rust on the surface.

Of course, in the case of the above two items, there is an emergency solution is to clean the oil directly, of course, the effect is not as good as gasoline or alcohol. This can only be adopted as an emergency plan.

Finally, conditional consumers are provided with a reference cleaning material: Bearing antirust oil (the Great Wall R5322 series bearing antirust oil), which is a cleaning substitute product with good cleaning effect and rust prevention.

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