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Matters Needing Attention In Bearing Assembly
Feb 07, 2018

The coordination of the rolling bearing mainly refers to the coordination of the inner ring and shaft of the bearing assembly and the coordination between the outer ring and the seat hole. The bearing's circumferential fixation is guaranteed by coordination. As the rolling bearing is a standard part, the inner hole of the bearing is the datum hole and the outer ring is the reference axis when it is matched with other parts. In fact, the bore diameter and outer diameter of bearings have smaller negative deviations, which are different from those of general cylindrical reference holes and datum axes. Therefore, the bearing bore and shaft match much more than general cylinders.

The selection principle of the type of rolling bearing should be determined according to the speed, the size of the load, the change of temperature and so on. Too loose and loose will make the rotation accuracy decrease and the vibration increase. If it fits too tight, it will probably affect the normal work of the bearing because of the large elastic deformation of the inner and outer ring, and it will also make the bearing assembly and disassembly difficult. In general, the bearing should be of high speed, heavy load, large temperature changes closely matched with the bearing should be regular removal of the loose, rotating ring with tight, with the outer fulcrum of the swimming should be loose. N6, M6, K5, K6, J5 and js6 are often used for the rotary shaft matching with the bearing inner ring, and the bearing seat holes which are matched with the outer ring without rotation are usually used with J6, J7, H7 and G7.

Because the precautions for rolling bearing are usually tight, for the purpose of assembly and damage prevention, reasonable assembly method should be adopted to ensure assembly quality, and corresponding measures should be taken when combined design.

The installation of bearings, bearing Pratia available light and uniform with a percussion ring. Large bearings can be pressed into the press. Large size and tight bearing can heat and expand the hole and then assemble it. It is important to note that the force should be applied to the assembled ring, otherwise the bearing will be damaged. When the bearing is disassembled, a special tool can be used to facilitate disassembly. The position of the bearing should be lower than the inner height of the inner ring. The value of the bearing can be referred to the bearing sample.

Bearing cup in the assembly when the axial movement of the long distance, usually using tapered roller bearings, the inner and outer rings are respectively assembled, more convenient operation, and set the cup with some non hole diameter should be slightly larger, is conducive to the outer ring of the bearing load, and reduces the hole finishing area.

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